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persons the Weight they have to carry and the labour with which

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Nov. th. Patient can now name in French any article shown

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of those who had received bites through their clothing there were

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consumption was large and the market was quite frequently

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that prevention is better than cure but should curative measures be

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disorders and has done good work in many cases of hysteria

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known for it. Nitrate of potassa valerian ergot iron alum lime

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ing either the presence of left frontal lesion where mental symptoms

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and dittluent Ixit firm and somewhat small and the heart showed

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It may be several months or years after the attack of gonorrhea

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fatal cases. In Case IX. of niy series pneumonia followed the disease

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and twitching in arms and fingers convulsions with opistho

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rived at Fort Royal Martinioo in the month of October

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greater rapidity than one suffering from the disease in the

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as mentioned in the Rat Exterminator. The black salts

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adherence to the text in the translation than for elegance in style.


Pregnancy and Parturition in a Case Complicated by Advanced Tabes

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quiry as to how far the medical profession itself was

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or the head thrown down between Ihe fore limbs. In such cases no

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suspected in those cases in which the manifestations of the gastro

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mendations were ultimately adopted and from the time

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of cerebral compression when due to the exudation of serum can be

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ing great speed and was in splended physical condition. He

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Naturally enough legitimately almost they are not desired. For

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technique and avoids the use of a multiplicity of retractors

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of diagnosis may be most easily acquired and secondly to arrange

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full ether narcosis the breathing becomes slow and shal

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remainder is transformed by specific enzymes of the liver and other

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The trouble arose over the efforts of those physicians to have

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reports that despite record U.S. medical school en

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or mercantile ambition and turmoil then we shall learn too late

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anaesthesia. Concerning the inabihty of the above form of anaes

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tissues there has been a marked increase in the protoplasm

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begins which stamps the disease and ushers in the second stage. The

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known a tendency towards various minor psycho neuroses and it

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