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efficient especially if the patient is well soaped afterward and then thoroughly

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irritability delirium and hallucinations. During the

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After drying however small particles and dust are given off and

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operation was performed. Of these are reported ae cotn

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Derivatives used in medicine petrolatum cosmoline vaseline

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tea starch and laudanum amp c. amp c. In what might be called

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on the trachea by tumors external to it to old syphilitic adhesions

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riencing and acting consciousness on the other. We often see

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operates more generally upon the organism than this view or

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cases where the hydatid dissemination was produced artificially by a

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ments in the pelvic and lumbar joints which may simulate motions in

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Public Health and for other purposes and recommend all of our

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casts its shadow into the resonant chest. On the theory that

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Eecently Ebstein has recommended another vegetable albumin. Ergon

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hand became swollen and all the wounds upon it appeared to be

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and dies within six months after developing a true cancer cachexia

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Owing to this fact and to others previously mentioned we may conclude that

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membrane some a e intestinal tonics and do not particular

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its circular or oval outline for it is apt to be in

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in position the lower end of the rectum vagina and urethra

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ability of the vital force to still further resist whether

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ties throughout the world. They have proved to be the most Comfortable HealtMul

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In fact the opening of the abdominal cavity is rapidly becom

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of the Journal contains an editorial entitled Veterinary

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but one to December with an average of. After that the

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his feet or exerted any muscular effort which increased abdominal

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Pityriasis Versicolor in Rings and on the Face. Towards

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tis pressing against the bile ducts but not sufficiently to

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as of the alternate length and shortness of days and nights or in

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empties into the inferior vena cava it arises in the liver

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by Van Slyke s method the methemoglobin by the author s

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spection of such persons Isolation of the patient at

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Raleigh an eloquent address on the life and character of our

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Hunter made enormous strides in human and comparative

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factors arise which are scarcely present in infancy and

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potients or in those with latent depression or suicidal tenden

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Dr. Goodell in sustaining the assertion quoted further remarks

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except on the hypothesis that it is the much more powerful pan

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elastic with sometimes puffy or hard spots disseminated in its

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in this division have already been described. The Syl

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from thickening of the coats it ought to be extirpated. If

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and the general condition is better. More exact examination shows an

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represent strands of the acidophile reticulum in cross section and that

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One of the strains that had been accustomed to grow on per cent