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at a warm temperature by means of pancreatic extracts.

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Position of the Stomach. Leuf calls attention to the fact

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In September I saw a case of what I took to be gouty

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cancer of the body severe floodings may take place. In sarcoma of the

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Perhaps the chief indicstioD for the use of sodium bicarbonate is

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whereas in twenty eight other cases without jaundice there were only

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feating any Buch action. And we should not he warranted in supposinj

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Midwifery in English. He pays a small honorarium to cue of the

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are especially numerous at the points where the cells become caseous or

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the softness of the tumor. But the strong probability is that it

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The physical signs are extremely uncertain. There may be a systolic

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structure has been the giant or polytene chrarosomes of Drosophila. The

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eye steadily on the saddened features and the moment their

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The writer believes that a sufficiently early use of these

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form after being inspected and dipped at the dipping stations

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generally falls into a state of inflammation. There is more or less

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due to some substance present in the extracts which give such reactions.

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staining with that solution. It woidd be advisable from ordinary

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followed by fever which is often very high. In a child

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albus freshly added either alone or in the presence ot gelatine

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treated as such. Now the simple name of a disease does not

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which the symptoms and morbid appearances were most

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It exhibits two subvarieties in one of which the discharge is excessive

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rhoea by local treatment is not only foolbh but positively

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idea of small doses of tobacco or other such agent slowly accumulating in

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anemia leukemia arteriosclerosis with which cardiac hypertrophv is

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stance resembling dextrin and at least one other kind of carbo hydrate.

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thorough bacteriologic survey of the respiratory tree has been carried

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aged weighing kilograms and in a good state of health.

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teric substances and like those older workers on proteins they came

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idiosyncrasy method of administration intervals between

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does the investigation of either group of factors alone.

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the periodical press of the country to tlicir censorship and in

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history taking and dealing with the presenting symp

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which these tumors have also received the name of psam

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What is the range of the specific gravity of normal

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structure divided requiring perhaps two applications of the