urine after exclusive feeding with nitrogenous food stuffs
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Roosevelt Hospital to whom they were indebted for the
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under the influence of ether. Autopsy showed nothing but
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aid. It is no longer used at that hospital. Calmette is
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deficient nuclear staining vacuolization karyorhexis
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almost entirely in the capsule. In older subjects the
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majority of cases the symptoms gradually become worse until at
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frequently seen. It is not infrequent in other cattle in damp
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him and they were possibly not genuine. His youngest patient was fifteen.
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which the favorite California poppy is glorified to the last page of
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obtained in. per cent. while of patients with serofibrinous
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night dose to be gradually and cautiously augmented.
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that the objections made to the Bill were well founded in the evils
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itals. He considers the various regions of the female genital tract which
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of the same species of several of the lower animals especially of the
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but the cardiac conditions described by some writers as coming on acutely
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of Detroit summed up his conclusions on this subject as
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syphilis a pronounced cerebrospinal lymphocytosis is almost invariable
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an extension into the tubes viz. rise in pulse rate
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as published in Sims article and continued in the harness up
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The report of an inquest recently held at Shrewsburj seems to
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ment first the feet should be thoroughly washed night and morning with
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Committee on Publication Thomas F. Wood Wilmington
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clothing of various sorts stockings hat bands gloves and dress goods
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ductivity is readily studied in nerve and since this process forms the
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muscles as in spasms periphericus and uticaria. It is also noticed in
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the stone. Being altogether a large instrument a condition neces
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GwMM. It is propagated hy contagion but tends to die
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among school children. As a rule the disease is con
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should lead to consideration of an acute infection.
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to bring to light evidences of disease if they exist in spite of
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lower part of the bladder is held by the prostate which is
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our knowledge on diseases of the throat during the last
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potent in securing a return to health and happiness.