New Jersey Veterinarians are not satisfied with having
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of Harvard Francis H A. Marshall of Edinburgh Cuthbert
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fowls for too long a period. It is also caused by overfeed
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Parasites. It is more than probable that animals in these
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the face but not to touch for the first few minutes. After
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All conditions in regard to this disease have not been
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that like causes would be found in all instances if looked for.
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various chemical substances delay fatigue is well known. I
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Interesting Case of Gun shot Wound. By A. Lewis Ham
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nerves and muscles is made evident first by the muscles becoming smaller
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ment the remarkable success with which we had used this remedy in
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medical or surgical aid and who charges therefor or receives
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is very complex. The causes of this condition which have
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chains some as large as Staphylococcus albus others much smaller.
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can be entirely withdrawn into pockets are probably the
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to establish a hospital and so on had not turned his mind to
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travel to the anterior horn cells where they again arborise
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On one seeing for the first time this very disfiguring form
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degeneration of the tubes. It was hard to recognize
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meningeal haemorrhage have been described. Eemarkable ocular symp
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tablished. The occasions for practice are rare published obser
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In the writer s laboratory differential staining is usually carried out with
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was normal except for e adent enlargement to the left there
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plicated amoebic dysentery as in the bacillary form. It is most evident
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by a benign Creator to meet the circumstances of our being
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brane is stimulated by a feather dipped in acid while
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For many long and weary years the battle waged over
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two every two hours throughout the twenty four rather than a large
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right shoulder the parts were blistered and the animal rested. No
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astonishing that a man of his ability and scientific training should
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damaged outside the skull the sense of taste is unaffected. Hearing is