only against hernias without adhesions and without strangula

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Ichthyolum Ichthyol. A black tarry substance obtained from

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produced when the same underclothing is worn day and night.

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of protein yielding. grams of nitrogen. On a nitrogen free diet the excretion

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Case I. Observed by Dr. Kelly in Kensington Philadel

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their ability to pay for private medical attendance to be fully appraised and

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filtration occurs quite extensively. In some of the prepara

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In some instances the entire spinal cord was enveloped with exu

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Dr. Williams Dr. Holmes of Biltmore is present this

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swell up and lift the skin over it would become red and

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as being from to per cent. In criticism of this disparity it is

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rhoea and dysentery using it in the place of Ipecac. To arrest

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and descending in the posterior roots of the frog and

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philic myelocytes. Some of them however have at least metachromatic

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verts it into its own living substance and from time to time little

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to a more or less concentration of local influences into

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man who has to do with the operative work in a small hospital

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symptoms of the secondary stage and after months or years by gummatous

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in twelve grain doses till the stomach was excited to eject

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the patient in consultation. The following brief notes were

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not follow into the well known bypaths and windings through

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eat rapidly. In some communities the horse s temperature is

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plained of and the condition as a rule is only discovered after

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These then are the three forms of partial epilepsy though strictly speak

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sensitive to ibct than the mammary. To say nothing of the

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pharynx so as to preclude the possibility of the passage of air.

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Sputum. Much could be learnt of the progress of the case from

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While travelling by rail to New York in very hot weather

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veins in parts usually not affected by varicosis as for instance in

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of the chorda going to the tongue likewise produces fluid which is