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patient department the students see all patients applying for treatment

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tional age in both the fetal and maternal compartments.

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the gall bladder is about the tip of the ninth costal cartilage we

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prefixed to it which was afterwards printed separately in the

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cutaneous irritants turpentine oil spirit of camphor operate in

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for nursing personnel and Red Cross Hospital Volunteers. An orientation

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regarding prognosis emphasized these facts first a mur

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sideration the trophic and vaso motor areas of the mental

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everlasting Yea. Far better is blind adherence to authority than

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to remove an excess. However such modifications were avoided

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then expressed of the Academy s services. Nor have the

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A dye much less objectionable to the various silver prepar

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out of bed for anything. The motions are all passed lying down

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women who were not pregnant and says that in such the

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He enquired of the women present what was the matter but they

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peated dry cupping painting with tincture of iodine and the use of

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aration of the report has presented a number of very instruc

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tute was added to the system of asylums as a central

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the section on symptomatology. It has not yet been de

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the oval or single flap operations. The joint is most easily

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ject to the provisions of chapter one hundred and twenty five of the

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ilitic ulcerations have been microscopically lt liagnosticatcd as tuberculous

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Now Dr. Macmichael in perusing the evidence given by

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fact furnishing a valuable clew to diagnosis in obscure

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as sodium benzoate benzoic acid has also been employed

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The next problem was how to get the gas in the chamber.

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institution be required to report every case of tuberculosis with

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others which were immersed after death. The conclusion arrived at

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however how far the growth of the eye lashes subsequently to the

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IS recommendations that may be helpful in setting up policy

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Cultures were made from contents of fourth stomach and amniotic fluid.

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mercury ointment and by varying the proportion of the three constituents

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and its drawbacks must be met and got rid of or neutral

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The fault may be in the nerves or in the muscular structure.

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the patient confessed that when twelve years old at