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an animal origin such is by no means always the cause.

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men learned indeed as they are are but blind leaders of the blind.

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formation of antitoxins. In addition attention must be called

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the parish doctor to fall back on. Nearly all those patients who

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tses. Rarely either or both of these signs may be permanently

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ment. It was difficult to enforce sanitary regulations

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plates of Bizzozero and the hsematoblasts of Hayem.

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many. We illustrate four actual cases because they represent the

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exiles in search of health and of the costly consumption

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board of managers which so conducts its business as to

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fact and leads to no practical result in the treat

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received during his life somewhat tardy recognition from his

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of the ligature. In hydrocele the ligature may be earned by

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of pernicious anemia our computations also based on Meeh s formula

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few years ago the tendency was to excise these glands but

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brevis pollicis and adductor pollicis. These names express

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opinion rested upon the family physician as did also

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required the utmost care on the part of the assistants to secure

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stools. We will instruct this patient to eat plenty of well

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The patients usually die of an intercurrent disease and

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the disease. There may be periods of improvement but the trend

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viz. Upon ambulance call a case room is rapidly prepared with

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into the cardiac chambers and the blood vessels of the horse so called

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centrated sulphuric acid three parts to one of powdered

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tt qoali. sometimes cheesy and sometimes gelatinous. And the

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which it was tried J. H. was a primipara aged thirty eight

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the normal relation of the different parts of the colon

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ficient and its relative amount compared with the total solids is also

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liver is indurated and torpid and secretes but.ittle bile and that little

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give a short resume of some vague conditions that can

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after two days of distress with pleural effusion on the

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The Committee concluded that though moderate doses of alcohol

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of teachers and students observed in conclusion that

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Our handsomest Cottonwood as well as the most rapid growing of

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analogous specimens may be drawn by way of exhibiting conditions similar to or

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oral n connexion with rheumatoid arthritis from a medical standpoint

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