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should be as rapid as possible and this rapidity may
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quently the seat of obstruction by foreign bodies. Such matters
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The neuroses are in most cases interchangeable so that one form of
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on the well thumbed scroll of hieroglyphics that he
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mary of a large number of cases in his own practice which
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As a vehicle for the administration of many medicines
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underwritten by a private company Aetna. As I understand it this insurance
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G. A plea for a better knowledge of insanity by the
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has been destroyed. Those who wish to preserve their teeth should
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in this part of the treatment. If kept constantly in the
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Treatment. Remove those possible one louse may kill
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Dr. F. Trendelenburg of Leipsic was elected an honorary
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of the parasite been accurately studied and described but the time
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Dose For adult one to two drachms or a heaping teaspoonfnl given in
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should pass a rigid ante mortem and post mortem inspection
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jenecm. In the treatment nf chlorosis it should be joined
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historical fact that Moses did not forbid international marriages
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rested on the toe and the animal suffered from lancinating pain but it
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Even amongst civilized people very difTerent conditions
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There are many cases with history of disturbance of digestion and
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When the affection is uncomplicated we know of no remedy
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of those who need little wasting public money through getting too much
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in consequence of which an inflammation is readily pro
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dough. She died of carbuncle. A post mortem examination
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case to allow the passage of the cord. This opening would be
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University is a little different from other communities. I will
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apostolic fathers translated by Archbishop Wake are of very
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of which King Herod died entertained the doctors who
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Mies tions Yocon A is indicated as a sympathicolytic and mydriatric. It may
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University of Louisville. At this time in a letter from
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scope which every one should possess but not always does. The
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rected towards the sternum. At this moment the anterior part of the