basal ganglia the arterial pressure being there much greater than
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agencies of public health of this country persisted in
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the source of contagion at this latter place. Between February and May. there
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membrane of the vagina itself. When it is considered that these discharges are
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to a greater excretion of oxalic acid and the nitrogen excretion is slightly
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from a tuberculous joint by means of the x rays but this requires
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was to wait say a week and if no sign of improvement was
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centres. No one living in our South Western States can be truly
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Oct. th. The patient aged years had been sick since June st
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standing that to the natives consumption is little known
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brain is being continually narrowed. A considerable pro
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Experimental Pneumococcic Meningitis and its Specific Treatment.
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The pelvic organs show only a dilatation of the ves
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attack of whooping cough with broncho pneumonia developed
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complications of the disease are seen most frequently in
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The indirect method has another great advantage over the direct in
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Ligature of the uterine arteries has its advocates in the treatment of
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truth of the matter often was that the man kept late
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tion was planted on the surface of meat peptone gelatine. After
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the paroxysm of gout subsided the hair lost its tendency
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experience ot the past and the discoveries of science are at your
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markedly in acidity even during the first hours growth. In many
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lodging houses and schools will be of service. Tuberculosis
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statements made in his published paper deserve repeating here and I
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congratulate you for as matters are circumstanced you are
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same individual being capable of continuing its own kind animals
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excess of that excreted on the day preceding the dosage was recorded
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dismissed Assistant Medical Officers made no complaint what
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ulcerations of the anus and described it as a special disease.
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a few years ago was regarded as a contraindication but now under
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The Eye Research Foundation is affiliated with the Department of
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fore she was led into this false belief of sickness and I decided
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the Legislative Committee on Public Health regarding
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The Final Prize is awarded to George Reginald Deacon of Strat
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more than that distance from any house. Vhy too the
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department of his work. Those sympathetic fibres which pass DISTALLY
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discovered a brownish rash upon her body and consulted me with
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the following requirements as a condition of being recognized as
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elsewhere and there was no doubt of the degree of my
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the common oak Quercus pedunculata are in some seasons
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trously absurd names invented by the densely ignorant