within hearing of patients who seem to be sleeping drunk
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soon follows. Sometimes spasm of the diaphragm occurs
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are but two aspects of tuberculous immunity manifesting to
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of a living boy apparently at full term. The edge of
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clergy of different denominations are willing to pray
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identical in composition and aspect with the matter ejected in
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we will proceed to close it up with a stitch which other
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fortable clean elastic yet giving full and firm support to the part.
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Prevention consists in the proper treatment of all diseases which are likely
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of infected horses. The bacilli enter the lymph vessels of the
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work that well established cases of traumatic tears
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were injected into the peritoneal cavity of dogs. When the dog was
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You can resolve for yourself to use only those shnple remedial
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available in war time a trained service to treat and nurse these cases
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that both in this and the following experiments with ointments a
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abdomen and towards the left side not very severe and always
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ance after death send for the government veterinary inspec
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nosis there is another child with hour glass contraction of the
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serious results. If however the embolus contains germs
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presented herself to the New Town Dispensary labouring under
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the epiphysis. In some cases hemorrhage takes place into the orbit
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especially of the thyroid and suprarenal possibly the ovary as well.
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gation arose in the first instance out of a quarrel. There were
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eyelid which is to be set straight the other of the same form
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tion through the vagina or abdominal wall having as its object the
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found other microbes especially streptococci and staphylococci. These
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lescence only ensues. The puerperal woman on leaving her
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in a splint but there was some degree of posterior subluxation. The fourth