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study of material derived from seven cases. These were
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ing as I did that sugar was generally present in specimens of this
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December. I Hvo.Tici JTn and r gt TTCTTnTTr j I American Medicine tiAC
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got temperature charts and the latter I may publish as they differ in
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not well marked enough to enable me to give a positive
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Then as to after treatment of hare lip no one who has had
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and for volume of sediment were only parallel at the beginning
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a distinct tumor of almost cartilaginous density. Pulsa
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terms clino.static bradycardia Journal de tm decine
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temporal bone. They were a frequent lesion in chronic suppurative
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it was provi d that the dilatation was caused by the pres
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can then be mounted in Canada balsam after the usual treatment
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Knife it tinges it with a beautiful gold colour leaving behind
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conditions forming the second and of course principal part
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to visit these patients a few times before their operation and employ
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face soil did not possess a suitable temperature for the
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in an opposite condition. It is almost always more moist and
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head fomented with warm water for an hour with a fmall blifter on
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manufacture of solid gold nor liquid nostrums nor gaseous
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preliminary incision. The incision method diminishes the danger of
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therewith seem to desire no larger view and have no sympathy
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The patient had resolved to have the arm amputated and sent for
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after twenty lour hours more was secreted in excess
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from those presented in cases of hollow viscus yet the two lesions
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the autopsy the other kidney was found to Ix far advanced
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phate of Zinc or Sulphate of Iron or grs. of Quinine.
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faulty technique which may materially modify the result. It is
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Describe the characteristics and significance of the
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also as a preventive. It may be given in the form of a