mild cases. The mean duration of cases so treated was
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organism reacted with the antisera to the other extreme species
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Their appointment was productive of much benefit to the
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General s Office Vol. V No. July states in part With
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exudation of fluid from the anterior portions of the lower limbs between the
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ting and purging in the early stage of the acutehydi ocepha
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vation of the globe functions of the eyeball and of the ex
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the very young a little later the disease is relatively benign.
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of the various leukocytes may be determined from the differential
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We have already expressed a favorable opinion of the excellency of
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constitution as in the part itself. In inflammation of the throat
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lupus vulgaris tuberculosis verrucosa tuberculosis cutis orificialis
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ignorance of incompetents dealing with their afflictions the
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discharge of the duties of this post he displayed much ability and
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senting to the whole Corporation the draft of a Bill which is about
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am prepared to stand by. I have always openly declared that I would
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of a sawyer or by putting a band over her head bring the
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nine a properly prepared wine of quinine may be given with advantage.
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of no little intensity. FoUowing this procedure the radical operation should
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admitted that this happens rather in spite of the weakness of
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according to Dr. Beale the proportion of soluble substances is also largely
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of their outer surface and ascribes it to serous membranes
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ticularly in children was caseation but this is really a tuberculous pro
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especially those involving the bones. This was caused by the pressure
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male shield fern. Keep this treatment up until the worm
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per centum carbolic acid solution. It should then be
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in days. Against sarcoptic mange of the horse and dog a per
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der Niereudysto ie eiu Fall von rpei irter Beckenniere.
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author s view that the sodium salts of the unsaturated
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cently examined it and find it to be perfectly clear and bright
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history taking that the diagnosis lies. I must say that there is an
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twisted spirally coiled S shaped or U shaped. The cytoplasm
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sarsaparilla is of no use whatever it is in some danger of
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a course of benzol treatment was given and prompt improvement
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mastered wiU be the only good preparation for afterwards
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under less respectable credentials. The memorial reads more
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Oazette Melbourne Age Dark Blue November North British Daily
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cent. The polymorphonuclears were relatively much de